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Homeschooling, Here We Go

September 7, 2016

I’ve been thinking about homeschooling my kiddos for more than two years now, but I never actually thought my husband and I would ever come to making the decision to go full force and do it. Two years later, here we are. I’m officially a homeschooling mama.

 Although I will be doing the majority of the homeschooling—which has me super nervous and excited at the same time—the husband and I both believe that this is the best choice for our family for the season that we are in.   
We also…
Get to pick our own schedule 
We love the unity it creates in our family 
We get to learn along with our children 
we get to pick the curriculum
We get to pick the content 
Our greatest hope is that our children grow to love and serve God with everything that they have.    
by WISDOM a house is BUILT and through UNDERSTANDING it is stablished through KNOWLEDGE its rooms ARE FILLED WITH RARE and beautiful TREASURES.   
Proverbs 24: 3-4
We have decided to use our dining room for homeschooling since we have a large farm table and the room is fairly open. This is what our homeschooling room looks like so far. I am grateful to everyone who has somehow supported our new family adventure— whether through a donated book, or offering us a word of wisdom and encouragement—thank you for the support!   
When it came to organizing the kids curriculum, I really didn’t know how to do it.  I didn’t want to have to pull out all these different subject workbooks everyday.   So in my search for homeschooling organization I came across a blog post by Raising Clovers.  Her homeschool organization posts/video tutorials has helped our homeschooling curriculum organization so much.   If you are planning to homeschool and are looking for ideas on how to organize workbook pages and more, I highly recommend you take a look at these video tutorials.    She has 5 different ways on how to organize your homeschool curriculum and they are all AWESOME!  We selected the Crate System and we are so happy with it.

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